Welcome to Cacerías Ibéricas

El Despeñadero, the main banner of “Cacerías Ibéricas” and estate which currently takes the bulk of the hunting services of the company, has a wide family history.

The excellence achieved by the good work and passion in the offered service, makes “Cacerías Ibéricas” in general and El Despeñadero in particular one of the most emblematic organizations and estates of the Spanish territory. This company also has one of most important hunting teams and the most prestigious hunting scene.

With more than 35 years of history, from its beginnings in Toledo, extending to the European and African continents, “Cacerías Ibéricas” with Darío Vallano Sr as head of the Organization has carried out all forms of hunting. Since the pursuit of the majestic Billy Goat to the Big 5 in the old African continent, passing through the hunting of roe deer and deer and arriving at the traditional Spanish Red-Legged Partridge Shooting. This last cornerstone of business and hunting activity today has placed El Despeñadero and “Cacerías Ibéricas” in the hearts and minds of all experienced hunters, both nationally and internationally.

Cacerías Ibéricas is one of the longest-established shooting enterprise in Spain and, in recent times, has reached a level of perfection which it is hard to surpass in this field of hunting. This is due to the high quality of its services as well as the exclusivity of its clientele.

Quality, measured by bravery, strength and number, will guarantee that this sport continues to enjoy the beauty and grace of former times, rather than entailing just a mere shot at a live target.

Thus, with over 2000 hectares in La Mancha (Spain), we guarantee the necessary bravery and density to ensure that a day´s partridge hunting at home with us will be an unforgettable challenge for any connoisseur demanding a quality shoot. This is why some of the most distinguished public figures from around the world have consistently chosen Cacerías Ibéricas to organize their partridge shoots and why they are no longer just clients, but friends of the family.


 “I have been lucky enough to shoot this estate for 5 years and have to got to know the wonderful family who run it to a degree of excellence that is rarely seen. Having been lucky enough to have shot a lot in Spain I can say that this is one of my favourite estates with fast, challenging birds unlike anything we get here in UK. If you are looking for a new experience, great value and only a couple of hours away, I cannot recommend this estate strongly enough.”


“Now in my 3rd season with Darío Vallano. Great team from the office to the field with some of the most brilliant and challenging birds, in a beautiful estate. We adored it and couldn’t recommend it more highly to anyone…without any doubt one of the best driven shooting I have ever been and I have shot at many places in all corners of the UK and Spain.”

Nick Speelman

“I had the pleasure of shooting with Darío Vallano and his team this season again. They provided some very challenging birds, superb elevenses and the best hospitality I have ever seen. ¡Very much looking forward see you in Spain soon!”

George B.

Reviewing multiple visits
¡What a days! Great hospitality, generosity, company and superb birds! Many thanks for everything to both Darío’s. ¡Loving your old Range Rover’s! See you in a very near future.