A Partridge’s Day

Here you have a small excerpt of the last report which we made in October 2015 in El Despeñadero carried out by the Marquis de Pardo de Figueroa. Day in which we hunted 1,984 partridges. Undoubtedly one of the great days of the hunting season 2015/2016 in El Despeñadero. You can find the article in […]

Red Legged Partridge

Independently that some hunters love this hunting way and others not, is well known that Spanish partridge shooting is the most known hunting practice outside our borders. The grouses in Scotland, the pheasants and, of course, our wonderful partridges: When in any country hunters speak of shoots, the global picture is reduced to three possibilities. […]

El Despeñadero

With a total area of ​​over 1,500 hectares and 16 drives, we have a hunting ground consists of three states, “El Despeñadero”, “La Cañada de Don Juan” and “El Castillejo”. It is the first one, where the bulk of our hunting activity [cherry_video_preview source=”https://youtu.be/oFztjpvnHaY”]https://youtu.be/oFztjpvnHaY[/cherry_video_preview] A state known for his great capacity for recovery due to […]