A Royal Gun. Victor Sarasqueta.

“On egin” in Basque, or “well done” in Spanish was the tagline for D. Victor Sarasqueta Suinaga (1864-1930), industrial Spanish gunsmith and founder of the firm of shotguns Victor Sarasqueta which, later, become one of the highest quality shotguns on the national and international scene.

When in 1902 received the diploma that was credited as gunsmith official of the Spanish Royal House and more specifically of Alfonso XIII, Victor Sarasqueta was one of the most recognized entrepreneurs of that era. In his hometown, Eibar, they breathed an effervescence of steam, iron, and soot. In 1906 would be when Sarasqueta starts his own company and within a few years stands as the spearhead in the Spanish GunMaker industry. His motto was On egin; He used to say, “that is well made cost more but everyone wants it while what is done wrong costs less but nobody wants it”.

The development at the beginning of the 20th century in a shotgun was an artisan process that required time and a workforce inconceivable in today’s industry. In the factories coexisted canonists, leversmiths, adjusters, recorders, ATMs… Each piece of the weapon was manufactured and adjusted by hand in sequences that could last weeks and even months. The most delicate part from the technical point of view was the adjustment of the scale, the true heart of the shotgun and the mechanism that makes it possible to the oscillation of the cannons. The Sarasqueta are characterized by exact linkage parts, something that could only be achieved after countless hours of work to hit lima. “Do something today is unthinkable,” summarizes Juan Antonio Sarasketa, explaining that most of the manufacturers now are limited to assemble parts brought from other places.

Anyone have a Sarasqueta knows are shotguns “with soul”. The wood of their butts, the symmetry of the steel of their guns, his engravings, etc. do see that one faces a unique piece.

In 1930 with the death of Victor Sarasqueta came the decline of the brand, their sons followed along with the business, but their products were never reach the level of perfection of the original guns. Eighty years after the disappearance of its creator, the Sarasqueta remain the best Spanish shotguns of all time.




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