El Despeñadero, More than a Hunting Trip.

A visit to El Despeñadero is not just a hunting trip, its goes beyond, is a cultural trip. El Despeñadero is located in Toledo, one of the most historic cities of Spain with a big past at his back including being the capital. What to visit? Toledo Cultural trips can be guided by one of […]

Cigarral de Las Mercedes lodge

With more than 5 hectares of land, El Cigarral de Las Mercedes is considered as one of the most exclusive places and with the best landscapes of Toledo due to the conservation of their gardens, the traditional architecture and and the origin of this fabulous estate. The big team of professional who run this awesome […]

The Game Fair, Hatfield.

Last July 28-29 I went to the already famous show The Game Fair. This time was in Hatfield so I choose to stay in London that woke me up some really great memories during my time working and living in that amazing city. I had high expectations placed on the trip where I had an […]

Committed To…

I love hunting and because I love hunting I am ecologist and conservationist. Hunting is not killing. Hunting is conservation. Conservationism of our country side and flora and fauna. Being committed with conservation must be our main focus as hunters and lovers of shooting. Committed with the country side maintaining it in good condition picking […]