Cacerías Ibéricas international partnerships are growing from strength to strength.

Our global network of passionate shooters and hunters has been further increased in partnership with Cowans Sporting, one of the UK and Spain’s premium sporting agency’s.

UK clients hosted by Craig Denman, business owner of Cowans Sporting are rapidly increasing. The last few seasons has seen many new UK clients join us here at El Despeñadero for our excellent driven partridge shooting.

We were very fortunate to be visited this season by Craig who bought along his colleagues from the Shooting Gazette. We had the most memorable day’s partridge shooting and a lot of entertaining hospitality along the way. The article is due out in May this year and will cover our shoot and our local traditions in more depth.

Guns new to shooting in Spain under the guidance of Craig and his team are enjoying a totally new sporting experience.

Our Partridges flourish in the warm Spanish sunshine, we show strong, hard and fast flying birds that often take our oversees guns by surprise. Many of the teams comment on the fantastic condition of our birds whose welfare is our outmost importance. From the moment you enter our estate you will see the many thousands of birds we have. It’s not unusual on a typical shoot day for teams to see over 6000 birds in a single day.

Our typical day of shooting is for 500 birds, it’s possible for us to shoot more and we have ample scope with over 5000 acres to shoot back to back days very comfortably.

Inquiries and Bookings can be made directly at: 0044 (0)7775 760651

We look forward to welcoming you to Spain soon

Darío Jnr.

New Single Gun Days Available 17/18′

New single gun days avaible for next season 17/18′.

The following are the driven partridge single gun days we have available. Bookings are being strongs and days are going fast.

Enquires and bookings: or +34 (0) 678021879

– Sun, 29-Oct

– Sat, 11-Nov

– Sat, 2-Dec

– Sun,17-Dec

– Sat, 13-Jan

– Sun, 28-Jan

Our offer is based in all included. Transport, accommodation, cartridges, gun hire, etc.

Bag Size: 500 Patridges.


New good opportunities are coming and a new deal and partnership is already real. We are very pleased to start working with British Country Sports headed to next season and we are totally sure the best is yet to come.

We can not reccommend strongly enough British Country Sports and his CEO Gary Creighton. British Country Sports offer the very best of British country and worldwide pursuits for discerning clients. They have access to an extensive network of premier grouse, pheasant and partridge shooting and deer stalking estates, as well as some of the best fly-fishing waterways throughout the length and breadth of the UK and all corners of the world.

No matter how long or short your visit is or whether you come alone, as a small party or a large corporate group, Cacerías Ibéricas and British Country Sports will be able to tailor a full sporting holiday to meet your needs. Our attentive staff will accompany you on all your activities to ensure you have the most enjoyable and fulfilling sporting experience.

British Country Sports works with its partners to ensure ethical countryside practices, including environmental protection and enhancement, and the consumption of game harvested during sporting pursuits.

Las Hoyas

El Despeñadero y El Castillejo and La Cañada de Don Juan are the three current estates which we manage for our partrdige shooting.

In this Post, we want to make a special mention to one of our “star drive”, “Las Hoyas” or like recently it has been renamed, “La Mona” located on the estate “El Despeñadero”.

Located in a Valley, it is characterized by being a stalking long and deep which houses a large number of partridges. Before the start of this drive, and as in all them others, is carry to out two large tucked (action rather than required to meter the greater amount of partridges in the tuck in question) in which our team of beaters and our captain of hunting, Angelito, sweep a great amount of land getting the greater number possible of partridges in the drive.

Consisting of up to 10 pegs, but never recommended to hunt with so many as perfect is a number comprised between 6 and 8, is a stalking in which the partridges comply with great courage surprised on more than one occasion the hunters which should be alert at all times.

The beautiful and special in this drive is the diversity in the flight of the partridges, high partridges, those flying with the topography of the land and as not those arriving at the peg go up to 20 meters. A drive made by and for big boy’s since also is can find large cavies (the caviar of the partridge shooting) that comprise up to more than 400 birds being in these situations where is come of truth to them good shooters. How to face big cavies? Beginning to shoot soon when the bar still comes away and focusing on a single Partridge shot. Seems an easy task, but has great difficulty.


Partridge Season 16/17

Two days left to start our Partridge Season and the best is yet to come.

As always our team in ready for the new season. We take your satisfaction really seriously, and to achieve that we have a team of over sixty people (between loaders, beaters, house in staff, drivers, secretaries, etc) fully at your service giving you an unforgettable experience.

Well-known in the national and international territory to keep alive the traditional Spanish drive, one day hunting with us in El Despeñadero is formed by four drives and three tacos (picnic in the field) where our guests can enjoy some banters and beverages, our spectacular gastronomy al downed by a nice glass of Rioja.

Our red legged partridges known all over the world as one of the most awesome hunting habits is the hill to all experienced hunters. They present a big challenge with a big rhythm and have everything to attract to any hunter and do it their favorite hunting way. In El Despeñadero, we try to take care all details and keep alive the tradition and excellence in our services.

We have an experienced team that knows to perfection everything you need, from care farms, Partridges and own up to the study of hunting partridges hunting day taking into account the weather and the characteristics of each of the beatings in function of the day and the customer in question.

Once up in the drives our captain Angel Lumbreras (Angelito) is responsible for handling times of the shooting and control each details occurring within it as well as the direction of all the beaters maintaining a high pace in each drive avoiding stoppages occur at some point to not let the Hunter stopped.