Cacerías Ibéricas international partnerships are growing from strength to strength.

Our global network of passionate shooters and hunters has been further increased in partnership with Cowans Sporting, one of the UK and Spain’s premium sporting agency’s.

UK clients hosted by Craig Denman, business owner of Cowans Sporting are rapidly increasing. The last few seasons has seen many new UK clients join us here at El Despeñadero for our excellent driven partridge shooting.

We were very fortunate to be visited this season by Craig who bought along his colleagues from the Shooting Gazette. We had the most memorable day’s partridge shooting and a lot of entertaining hospitality along the way. The article is due out in May this year and will cover our shoot and our local traditions in more depth.

Guns new to shooting in Spain under the guidance of Craig and his team are enjoying a totally new sporting experience.

Our Partridges flourish in the warm Spanish sunshine, we show strong, hard and fast flying birds that often take our oversees guns by surprise. Many of the teams comment on the fantastic condition of our birds whose welfare is our outmost importance. From the moment you enter our estate you will see the many thousands of birds we have. It’s not unusual on a typical shoot day for teams to see over 6000 birds in a single day.

Our typical day of shooting is for 500 birds, it’s possible for us to shoot more and we have ample scope with over 5000 acres to shoot back to back days very comfortably.

Inquiries and Bookings can be made directly at: 0044 (0)7775 760651

We look forward to welcoming you to Spain soon

Darío Jnr.

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