The Game Fair, Hatfield.

Last July 28-29 I went to the already famous show The Game Fair. This time was in Hatfield so I choose to stay in London that woke me up some really great memories during my time working and living in that amazing city.

I had high expectations placed on the trip where I had an appointment to meet up with old and new friends / clients (many friends already).

It was very nice to see the great hospitality with which each and every one of them treated me. The first day and just after arriving at the fair I was greeted by the team of Eagle Review (website that I recommend to each and every one of you). I have the great pride of having been represented in his stand. They spoke to me about the operation of the fair (giant compared to other fairs in Europe) thing that helps me a lot.

During those days, I was lucky enough to be able to meet old friends like Guy, Sean, James, Martin (the best editor of Shooting Gazette!) … and even meet me at the fair with friends from Spain! Apart from meeting clients and already friends there at the fair and a couple in London with what I had a fantastic time.

In the same way I could meet new ones and finally have a personal talk like Alex, Will, Tom, Charles, Jonny, Chris, Charlie, Nicholas, etc. Without forgetting of course the honor of being able to chat long and long with Dave Carrie, whom I hope to see again sooner than later. No doubt there are few people who take better care of this wonderful practice like him. Cannot also forget some other friends I couldn’t meet there-

Overall it was a great weekend and, above all, a pleasure to have been able to share some time with each and every one of the people I was with. Increasingly surprised at how to take care of hunting in the UK, no doubt and from my point of view, a lot, a lot to learn.

Hope see you againg soon!

Dario Vallano Jr.

Committed To…

I love hunting and because I love hunting I am ecologist and conservationist.

Hunting is not killing. Hunting is conservation. Conservationism of our country side and flora and fauna.

Being committed with conservation must be our main focus as hunters and lovers of shooting. Committed with the country side maintaining it in good condition picking up cartridges or any other kind or rubbish produced.

All our guards work during the whole year keeping our estates in the best conditions possible, feeding and taking care about the health of animals. Prune the brush, olive trees, vine yards, holm oaks giving the health that nature needs for a natural and complete development producing a big and a healthy flora.

At Cacerías Ibéricas we are specialized committed to environment and different species that live in there. Actually taking special attention to our Iberian lynx and protected species.

We also work hand with hand with the government attending any request to collaborate at any time.
Committed to keep the feeders and waterers taking care the whole year of our partridges trying to maintain them in the best conditions and non-losing the pure red-legged partridges of our country side trying to increase their population is one of our main focus nowadays.

Installation of feeders and waterers to supply the needs of the field – nowadays too technified to be suitable habitat -, sowing’s lands dedicated exclusively to the food of the species, protection of nests of partridges, etc.
In our case, we always put the survival of the species in the interest of hunters. Hunt exists because of hunters.


New good opportunities are coming and a new deal and partnership is already real. We are very pleased to start working with British Country Sports headed to next season and we are totally sure the best is yet to come.

We can not reccommend strongly enough British Country Sports and his CEO Gary Creighton. British Country Sports offer the very best of British country and worldwide pursuits for discerning clients. They have access to an extensive network of premier grouse, pheasant and partridge shooting and deer stalking estates, as well as some of the best fly-fishing waterways throughout the length and breadth of the UK and all corners of the world.

No matter how long or short your visit is or whether you come alone, as a small party or a large corporate group, Cacerías Ibéricas and British Country Sports will be able to tailor a full sporting holiday to meet your needs. Our attentive staff will accompany you on all your activities to ensure you have the most enjoyable and fulfilling sporting experience.

British Country Sports works with its partners to ensure ethical countryside practices, including environmental protection and enhancement, and the consumption of game harvested during sporting pursuits.

A Royal Gun. Victor Sarasqueta.

“On egin” in Basque, or “well done” in Spanish was the tagline for D. Victor Sarasqueta Suinaga (1864-1930), industrial Spanish gunsmith and founder of the firm of shotguns Victor Sarasqueta which, later, become one of the highest quality shotguns on the national and international scene.

When in 1902 received the diploma that was credited as gunsmith official of the Spanish Royal House and more specifically of Alfonso XIII, Victor Sarasqueta was one of the most recognized entrepreneurs of that era. In his hometown, Eibar, they breathed an effervescence of steam, iron, and soot. In 1906 would be when Sarasqueta starts his own company and within a few years stands as the spearhead in the Spanish GunMaker industry. His motto was On egin; He used to say, “that is well made cost more but everyone wants it while what is done wrong costs less but nobody wants it”.

The development at the beginning of the 20th century in a shotgun was an artisan process that required time and a workforce inconceivable in today’s industry. In the factories coexisted canonists, leversmiths, adjusters, recorders, ATMs… Each piece of the weapon was manufactured and adjusted by hand in sequences that could last weeks and even months. The most delicate part from the technical point of view was the adjustment of the scale, the true heart of the shotgun and the mechanism that makes it possible to the oscillation of the cannons. The Sarasqueta are characterized by exact linkage parts, something that could only be achieved after countless hours of work to hit lima. “Do something today is unthinkable,” summarizes Juan Antonio Sarasketa, explaining that most of the manufacturers now are limited to assemble parts brought from other places.

Anyone have a Sarasqueta knows are shotguns “with soul”. The wood of their butts, the symmetry of the steel of their guns, his engravings, etc. do see that one faces a unique piece.

In 1930 with the death of Victor Sarasqueta came the decline of the brand, their sons followed along with the business, but their products were never reach the level of perfection of the original guns. Eighty years after the disappearance of its creator, the Sarasqueta remain the best Spanish shotguns of all time.




Imagen Red Legged Partridge

Independently that some hunters love this hunting way and others not, is well known that Spanish partridge shooting is the most known hunting practice outside our borders. The grouses in Scotland, the pheasants and, of course, our wonderful partridges: When in any country hunters speak of shoots, the global picture is reduced to three possibilities.

The Spanish partridge is taking hold more and more. Twenty years ago it was virtually unknown outside our territory, and now is “the pretty girl”. The development of hunting tourism in recent years has been impressive and no doubt will continue because there is nothing as the Spanish drive “quality”. If things are done right. Spain, in a matter of hunting, will be the dream paradise. ¿Reasons? Obviously, we have a great protagonist: RED LEGGED PARTRIDGE.

Partridge shooting is more complex and generally dominates our fan who adapts quickly whipped the pheasant; otherwise it takes longer. Another factor clearly in our favor is the weather. Yes here we are unbeatable. Usually hunt in Spain under a blue sky and a delicious temperature.

Although it is very difficult to find accurate data, the firsts shoots were in the nineteenth century. It is only hunted on private states, usually belonging to the nobility.

Partridge Shooting  in Spain has always been closely linked to politics and the state, and in this sense the king Alfonso XIII gave a boost to our partridges shoots. The Spanish monarch was a big fan and exceptional shooter.