Cigarral de Las Mercedes lodge

With more than 5 hectares of land, El Cigarral de Las Mercedes is considered as one of the most exclusive places and with the best landscapes of Toledo due to the conservation of their gardens, the traditional architecture and and the origin of this fabulous estate.

The big team of professional who run this awesome place keep the history, values and essence of this Cigarral.

¿What is a Cigarral?

A Cigarral is one of the most exclusive estates in the middle of the city of Toledo. A big lodge with big gardens and extension of more than 5 hectares and a big wall giving it a traditional and a very exclusive smell.

Also, a “must” of a Cigarral must be a stunning views to the city and in that case, El Cigarral de Las Mercedes can be beaten for any other.

El Cigarral de Las Mercedes lodge is a new place unprecedented in Toledo. It makes the difference offering an accommodation, services and facilities considered excellent, over the top. Their three main buildings are surrounded by a big lake, gardens, olive trees, pine trees and an ancient wall making this setting unbeatable.

El Cigarral de Las Mercedes lodge has been built around the traditional architecture with ancient stones and the best quality materials and is exclusively closed for our teams of shooters for those who prefer more privacy.


In our different settings you will find: the Mirador-, the best views of Toledo and the most impressive sunsets. the Gazebo-, to be found beside our lake, Lakeside House. Will add charm to your stay.


So as to cater to all kinds and numbers of guests we have intimate settings located in our luxury Boutique Hotel and the versatility of La Casona – the original Cigarral building now refurbished-, or for larger parties you can select the wide open space in the Salón de la Luz, which is the largest of all and is surrounded by gardens and terraces.


At El Cigarral de Las Mercedes we have a total of 21 rooms, 15 classic doubles, 2 deluxe & Jacuzzi and 4 private villas with a private garden each one and Jacuzzi.

Our aim is to offer the most attractive setting possible. From the impeccable décor to the Beauty Centre for guests, everything has been designed to create a delightful experience right down to the last detail.

***We also give to our guest the possibility to celebrate business meetings in private rooms. One of them is situated in the middle of the lake what gives you the perfect atmosphere and all the facilities and latest technology.

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