Committed To…

I love hunting and because I love hunting I am ecologist and conservationist.

Hunting is not killing. Hunting is conservation. Conservationism of our country side and flora and fauna.

Being committed with conservation must be our main focus as hunters and lovers of shooting. Committed with the country side maintaining it in good condition picking up cartridges or any other kind or rubbish produced.

All our guards work during the whole year keeping our estates in the best conditions possible, feeding and taking care about the health of animals. Prune the brush, olive trees, vine yards, holm oaks giving the health that nature needs for a natural and complete development producing a big and a healthy flora.

At Cacerías Ibéricas we are specialized committed to environment and different species that live in there. Actually taking special attention to our Iberian lynx and protected species.

We also work hand with hand with the government attending any request to collaborate at any time.
Committed to keep the feeders and waterers taking care the whole year of our partridges trying to maintain them in the best conditions and non-losing the pure red-legged partridges of our country side trying to increase their population is one of our main focus nowadays.

Installation of feeders and waterers to supply the needs of the field – nowadays too technified to be suitable habitat -, sowing’s lands dedicated exclusively to the food of the species, protection of nests of partridges, etc.
In our case, we always put the survival of the species in the interest of hunters. Hunt exists because of hunters.

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