Red Legged Partridge

Independently that some hunters love this hunting way and others not, is well known that Spanish partridge shooting is the most known hunting practice outside our borders. The grouses in Scotland, the pheasants and, of course, our wonderful partridges: When in any country hunters speak of shoots, the global picture is reduced to three possibilities.

The Spanish partridge is taking hold more and more. Twenty years ago it was virtually unknown outside our territory, and now is “the pretty girl”. The development of hunting tourism in recent years has been impressive and no doubt will continue because there is nothing as the Spanish drive “quality”. If things are done right. Spain, in a matter of hunting, will be the dream paradise. ¿Reasons? Obviously, we have a great protagonist: RED LEGGED PARTRIDGE.

Partridge shooting is more complex and generally dominates our fan who adapts quickly whipped the pheasant; otherwise it takes longer. Another factor clearly in our favor is the weather. Yes here we are unbeatable. Usually hunt in Spain under a blue sky and a delicious temperature.

Although it is very difficult to find accurate data, the firsts shoots were in the nineteenth century. It is only hunted on private states, usually belonging to the nobility.

Partridge Shooting  in Spain has always been closely linked to politics and the state, and in this sense the king Alfonso XIII gave a boost to our partridges shoots. The Spanish monarch was a big fan and exceptional shooter.


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