The Game Fair, Hatfield.

Last July 28-29 I went to the already famous show The Game Fair. This time was in Hatfield so I choose to stay in London that woke me up some really great memories during my time working and living in that amazing city.

I had high expectations placed on the trip where I had an appointment to meet up with old and new friends / clients (many friends already).

It was very nice to see the great hospitality with which each and every one of them treated me. The first day and just after arriving at the fair I was greeted by the team of Eagle Review (website that I recommend to each and every one of you). I have the great pride of having been represented in his stand. They spoke to me about the operation of the fair (giant compared to other fairs in Europe) thing that helps me a lot.

During those days, I was lucky enough to be able to meet old friends like Guy, Sean, James, Martin (the best editor of Shooting Gazette!) … and even meet me at the fair with friends from Spain! Apart from meeting clients and already friends there at the fair and a couple in London with what I had a fantastic time.

In the same way I could meet new ones and finally have a personal talk like Alex, Will, Tom, Charles, Jonny, Chris, Charlie, Nicholas, etc. Without forgetting of course the honor of being able to chat long and long with Dave Carrie, whom I hope to see again sooner than later. No doubt there are few people who take better care of this wonderful practice like him. Cannot also forget some other friends I couldn’t meet there-

Overall it was a great weekend and, above all, a pleasure to have been able to share some time with each and every one of the people I was with. Increasingly surprised at how to take care of hunting in the UK, no doubt and from my point of view, a lot, a lot to learn.

Hope see you againg soon!

Dario Vallano Jr.

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